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IIT Standard and Laboratory Equipment

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Institute of Information Technologies: reliable fiber optic testing technology provider

IIT standard and laboratory equipment is your reliable partner in fiber optics testing and sensing, from the very beginning of your fiber optics tasks. With the basis of our over 20-year expertise and multiple successful projects, our current products and procedures can be customized to meet your particular needs in ever growing business fields.

Any fiber optics product or installation needs initial rigorous testing. For example, in cable production smaller hand-held devices are definitely not enough, and engineers must use heavy artillery of stationary laboratory equipment like high-precision optical generators and chromatic dispersion analyzers. Besides, very often such installations need scheduled or 24/7 monitoring, with options to immediately react to an emergency. For such purposes IIT has an array of stationary laboratory instruments and sets of testing procedures easily adaptable to meet any architectures, scales, and complexity.

Devices which measure optical fiber parameters periodically need serious testing and calibration themselves. IIT calibration and standard equipment meets the hardest requirements and has been utilized not only by fiber optic network technicians, but also by federal agencies in Russia.

If you need hi-tec sensors in highly aggressive and hazardous environments, or just hard-to-reach places, IIT fiber optics solutions is your choice. Industries like oil production, tunnel construction, security services, use fiber optics to precisely monitor temperature, mechanical strain, and the area of application is constantly growing.