IIT-xOG: Optical Standard Generator

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IIT-xOG is a top-level calibration device which has no analogs in the world. It is widely used in testing laboratories and metrological centers throughout the world to calibrate all types of OTDRs with the help of the external source method (IEC 61746).

  • Specifications

  • Advantages

  • General Characteristics

  • Optic fiber type


  • Wavelength, nm
    (other wavelength values are also available)


  • Test pulse width, mks

    0.06 – 50

  • Maximum measurement distance, km


  • Step of test pulse setting on a distance scale, m


  • Test pulse setting uncertainty, m


  • Tested attenuation scale range, dB


  • Uncertainty for test pulse amplitude setting, dB/dB


  • Power supply, V

    110 – 240

  • Dimensions, mm

    308 × 293 × 60

  • Weight, kg


  • Can calibrate OTDRs with various ranges and errors for measuring distance and attenuation

  • Can test dead zone values and dynamic ranges for various types of OTDRs (fiber spool required)

  • Equipped with built-in attenuators

  • Works in the modes of reproducing time intervals and optical signal amplitudes

  • Calibrates main OTDR parameters like distance measurement uncertainty and attenuation measurement uncertainty

  • Pulse amplitudes are set with the help of built-in optical attenuators

  • Loss created by IIT-xOG is measured by the high-accuracy receiver

  • Operation is based on forming an optical pulse with specified length, power, and delay relative to the pulse generated by the OTDR

  • Operating control and data processing are done by the PC